Busia Branch
Busia Branch
Busia YMCA was established in 1972 as a center to help the community towards self-sustainability and develop home grown solutions in line with the vision and mission of YMCA Busia branch is situated along hospital church road Opposite our lady of mercy girls secondary school. Its main objective is to bring together and develop young people in Body, Mind and Spirit through creative and innovative programs.
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Cleaning up at Y.M.C.A.jpg IMG-20190228-WA0028.jpg NEC rep adressing memebers at branch AGM.jpg Olgha in white attending a youth exchnage.jpg Open activity at prison.jpg family renunion day of prisoners in our program.jpg members during leadership training.jpg mentorship session in progress.jpg prison officer during the YMCA family day at prisons busia.jpg prisoners peer educators at the branch.jpg programs coordinator.jpg some of the supported kids by YMCA.jpg staff engageing with baden visitors.jpg the NGS with some of the BMC at the branch.jpg tree plannting day activitiy with HI-Y clubs.jpg youth at a weekly session at the branch.jpg youth at the branch.jpg youth during mentorship session.jpg youth t the branch during a weekend session.jpg